Will you join us in signing this letter to Guy Verhofstadt?

Liberal MEP Guy Verhofstadt is the European Parliament’s lead Brexit negotiator. Any Brexit deal will require the approval of the European Parliament – without it, the deal will fall.

Mr Verhofstadt backs the idea of giving British people the right to opt in to some kind of associate EU citizenship if Brexit happens. Here’s a link to one report about what he’s said.

With the negotiations about to start, we are going to send Mr Verhofstadt a letter, and we’re inviting you to join us in signing it. The text is below; please read it, and if you want to sign it too then click HERE to add your name.

Dear Mr Verhofstadt

This letter to you is signed by [insert final number] people.

We wanted to write to thank you for your efforts to allow UK nationals who value their EU citizenship to retain it, or a form of it, post-Brexit. We value not only the freedoms and opportunities it gives us, but also that it makes us a part of the most successful peace project in history.

Theresa May does not speak for us. She has made no attempt to reach out to, or in any way represent, us or any of the 16 million people who voted Remain on 23rd June last year. Indeed, you speak for us far better and more eloquently than she ever has.

We wish you every success in your attempt to get this idea on the agenda of the Brexit talks and into the final deal. We back you 100%.

Of course, we also want an equally generous settlement for other EU nationals too.

Thank you for everything that you are doing, and good luck!

Yours sincerely

If you like the letter and want to add your name, click here to be taken to the page where you can do exactly that. Thank you!

UPDATE: we’ve now sent the letter to Mr Verhofstadt, so you cannot any longer sign it – BUT you can still sign up to support the campaign; find out about that HERE.

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35 thoughts on “Will you join us in signing this letter to Guy Verhofstadt?”

  1. My husband and I would love to stay part of europe we have lived in Spain for 13 years and to us this is now our home.

    1. We have worked in Spain for the last 12 years and pay into the social security and tax systems here tand our son has a spanish partner and we have a grandchild here. This is our life now and we wish to be european.

  2. Please those of us a chance to retain our citizenship. Westminster does not speak for so many of us.

  3. Tens of mililons of people in the UK want to be part of the European Union. Including majorities in Scotland, the north of Ireland, London and major cities.
    We are battling against the imposition of Brexit and thank you for your support from Europe.
    Thank you for understanding we are all citizens of the EU and for fighting for our rights.

  4. I am devastated by Teresa May’s intgransigence and uncompromising attitude. I do not want to lose all the values of the EU and have real fears for the future. I do not want to be a British citizen out of the EU.

  5. I love Europe I consider myself more European than British and I think the EUhas been a force for good all these years.
    Where I live we have clean beaches where you can safely swim and that’s just the smallest of differences it’s made.
    There are hundreds more which people seem oblivious to. I don’t want to leave.

  6. Yes, many UK citizens who have voted to stay in the EU like myself would love to remain a citizen. Many younger people in the UK who was not old enough to vote have many regrets as the was out of their control. A lot of people voted Brexit were misled by politicians and did not understand the implications. The government in the UK does not care about the people. They are just in politics for their own interests. Theresa May and the three Brexiteers are prime examples.

  7. I am heartbroken over what has happened. I worked hard on the remain campaigns and the morning of the result and the shock and sadness is still there.

    I feel European to my core. It’s my home and I can’t bare to be ripped apart from the rest of it, and torn away like this from the people and places I love. It’s like an ugly polluted wedge or wall is being forced between us. I am ashamed of this country as it is now. It’s like living a nightmare. If there is any way around this and a way of reaching out and past all this senseless destruction, I want to help support it in any way I can.

    Thank you so much for all your efforts so far. There are so many of us here who feel like this. Who are desperately worried for the future and are looking for a way to stay close to Europe.

  8. Please, PLEASE, Mr Verhofstadt, help us remainers escape this Brexit hell. If you can, please require May to hold a second referendum on the outcome of negotiations as a unassailable necessity of beginning formal negotiations. Then the majority of the UK might be able to destroy Brexit once and for all. If not possible, please, let us stay EU citizens!

      1. Wrong and wrong; from your ignorance of how things work, I’m guessing you’re a pro-Brexit quitter.

  9. I and all my family should not be denied our eu citizenship. We want to continue being a part of this and enjoy a bright future with all our european neighbours

  10. Sir,viol

    I voted in 1976 for the UK to be part of the evolving EEC which I happily accepted as it became the EU and I hoped would become more united even Federalist. I am now 69 and even at this age I believe I am being robbed of the future what I was hoping for .

  11. We are NOT a United Kingdom. Brexit is a shambles and has been sold on lies. Please know that 48% and beyond – truly believe in the EU. We are European and wish to remain so.

  12. Save us from this disaster. I rent a little flat in London but bought my dream home in France – I’ve invested thousands to turn it into my home. I’m European – that’s my identity. I’m so very sad this has happened. Thank you for hearing us

  13. Thank you so much for caring, I know you are a good man. A bad outcome to this Brexit would most probably leave me and lots of other people destitute and happy families split up; tragedies and disasters that are so totally unnecessary. Your kindness and compassion, so much needed now, will go a long way to help us, I know. I wish you good luck.

  14. Those of us who have made our home amd invested our future in the EU, are horrified by what has happened to the UK. We desperately need to remain within our chosen home surrounded by the warm companionship of like minded Europeans. Please help us achieve this essential state

  15. Dear Guy, I worked 40 years (like most people in the UK), even when my children were small. When I was made redundant. I decided that I would sell up and come to France and look for my forever home. I live in Brittany, Finistere, My village is lovely, so are the people who live here, they laugh at my French, I don’t mind that, I am 70 this year so it is hard for me but I laugh with them. When I brought my house I had been looking around for properties, but when I saw my new home, the lady who owned it was French, but when I met her she reminded me so much of my Grandmother, as soon as I had seen it yes it’s an old house, but I feel safe, I have lovely neighbours, I belong to the local pensioners club, play boules and dominoes. I go out on trips with the Club. I do NOT want to go back to UK it’s dirty, crowded and dangerous. I would like to stay in my house. In Europe the older people are independent living in their own properties. The life expectancy is longer than in the UK.
    Thank you for reading this and helping those of us who DO understand Europe, and I apologise for those less informed.

  16. I sign up to remain a European citizen as well as a UK citizen. I want to have no part of this extreme right wing decimation of our country.

  17. I want to remain a European citizen, I do not want to be part of an isolationist Britain. This UK government is going against the will of 48% of it’s well educated and informed residents. I did not vote to come out of the EU, I voted to stay in the EU and object to being forced down a road of right wing extremism.

  18. The form is locked and asking me to request edit access, which places a barrier between me and actually signing. Please think about accessibility if you want to make it as easy as possible for people to sign up.

    1. Sorry, I am not sure how to assist. It has been signed by almost 3,000 people, so it does seem to be working.

  19. Thank you for backing the associate citizenship plan. As a Briton in France and a European citizen, I feel strongly in favour of the European project and very angry about the UK deciding to take my EU citizenship away on the basis of a 48/52 referendum which followed a campaign full of lies, plus 20 years of stupid anti-EU articles in the British tabloids, mostly owned by billionaires who don’t live in the UK.

  20. I am married to a lovely French woman and we live in the south of France. While many people, including my wife, assure me that I cannot be affected because of me being married, I still suffer periods of great anxiety. Having an assurance that Britons are 100% safe in the EU will stop my anxiety immediately.

    I would like to thank you very much for supporting Britons in the EU like myself who wish to remain in the EU. Also, I would like to thank Charles Goerens. I also feel more European than British.

  21. This appalling Referendum result has profoundly affected my sense of personal identity. I realise that I actually now feel more European than British. The prospect of losing my EU citizenship and the rights and responsibilities that go with it, is devastating. I am especially angry that the result was achieved through lies and exaggeration, which in my view should have negated the validity of the Referendum. Teresa May does not speak for me or any for any member of my family.

  22. Please save the 48%. We really value our EU membership and citizenship and are fighting to overturn this utter stupidity so please give us hope

  23. The referendum was never really about ‘the will of the people’ it was about saving the Tory Party from UKIP. The motive was plainly party political and the EU was the unfortunate scapegoat. Had all those who were entitled to vote in the referendum actually voted the result would have been very different (see Professor Curtice’s polls). Just under half of those who actually voted clearly valued their EU citizenship, and to be arbitrarily stripped of this is unforgivable. I hope that many Brexiters will, over the next couple of years, reflect on the impact of the loss of EU citizenship, in terms of travel cost, speed of exit and entry, and availability of emergency healthcare, when embarking on their their annual mass migration to the Costas of Spain!

  24. I, and almost all of my friends and family wish to retain our EU Membership and Citizenship. Theresa May and the Brexiters do not speak for us

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