Thank the Lords and lobby an MP on EU nationals amendment

It was fantastic to see the House of Lords amend the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill on Wednesday evening in an attempt to secure the rights of EU nationals living here in the UK. But what next?

Amendment 9b to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, passed by peers

The Lords cannot unilaterally amend bills, so once the bill has completed all its Lords stages (this happens next week) it will return to the Commons for MPs to decide if they agree. If they accept the amendment, it will then appear in law; if they disagree, the amendment will return to the Lords for them to decide whether to stick with their amendment… if this continues still further it will enter what’s called parliamentary ping-pong, as the bill bounces back & forth between the Houses.

What can you do now if you want the amendment to stand? I’m suggesting you do two things:

Write to say thanks to one or more of the 358 peers who voted to pass this amendment. You can find the list of who voted for and against the amendment online HERE. The list called “Content” is those who voted for the amendment; the list called “Not Content” is those who voted against it. You can find contact details for all peers online HERE.

This is a nice thing to do, but it also emphasises to these peers the level of support for the measurement. That might be helpful if MPs throw it out and peers have to decide whether to try to insist on it.

Write to your MP. You can use the website or Parliament’s website. If you are not sure who your local MP is, both websites can will work that out for you based on your postcode. Tell your MP that you want them to vote for the amendment passed by the Lords on the rights of EU nationals.

Your letter does not need to be long. Indeed, short is good. But be clear, polite and assertive – and email it or get it into the post today.

The bill returns to the Lords next week, and many are speculating that peers will pass one further amendment. This would require, in law, that Parliament gets a meaningful vote on the outcome of the exit talks, and potentially require the Government to obtain the permission of Parliament to walk away from the talks empty-handed. But we can worry about lobbying MPs on that amendment if/when it passes. It’s important to strike while the iron is hot on the amendment that has certainly passed.

Thank a Lord & lobby an MP today.

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4 thoughts on “Thank the Lords and lobby an MP on EU nationals amendment”

  1. Thank you for voting to preserve the rights of eu workers in UK. Please also vote to keep us in single market if possible.

    1. Please can you vote to preserve the rights of the EU workers to stay in UK.
      Also please if posible, vote for the UK to stay in the single market.

  2. Thank you for voting that European nationals have the right to remain in the U.K. As a German national I have resided in the U.K. for forty years, I’m married to a Brit and have no family left in Germany. I’ve paid taxes and NI for forty years it would be a disaster if I’d get now “deported”m Further more what will that say about this country and the 2+ million European nationals that came here legally and worked here legally.
    Christa Griffiths

  3. I will be blunt in what I say. The referendum result was won by the brexit side through pure ignorance by morons. Hitler came to power because of similar thickheads. Having a democracy allows at times stupidity winning. The spinelessness of MPs who could just say the majority are plain wrong could easily vote to overide this fiasco and not drag the UK down the plughole. Someone needs to rise up and tell the people that sometimes their vote doesnt count. Democracy like dictatorship gets it wrong but sometimes dictatorship gets it right.

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