Over 4,000 have signed Guy Verhofstadt letter so far. Why not add your name too?

Over 4,000 people have added their names to our open letter to Guy Verhofstadt, the Liberal MEP and the European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator. Any exit deal between the EU and the UK will need to be approved by MEPs in the European Parliament.

Our letter, which we’d love you to sign, supports Mr Verhofstadt’s plan for pro-EU Brits to be offered some kind of opt-in individual associate citizenship of the EU, if the UK ends up leaving the European Union. You can read a recent report about the idea HERE.

Here’s the text:

Dear Mr Verhofstadt

This letter to you is signed by [insert final number] people.

We wanted to write to thank you for your efforts to allow UK nationals who value their EU citizenship to retain it, or a form of it, post-Brexit. We value not only the freedoms and opportunities it gives us, but also that it makes us a part of the most successful peace project in history.

Theresa May does not speak for us. She has made no attempt to reach out to, or in any way represent, us or any of the 16 million people who voted Remain on 23rd June last year. Indeed, you speak for us far better and more eloquently than she ever has.

We wish you every success in your attempt to get this idea on the agenda of the Brexit talks and into the final deal. We back you 100%.

Of course, we also want an equally generous settlement for other EU nationals too.

Thank you for everything that you are doing, and good luck!

Yours sincerely

To add your name to our open letter to Guy Verhofstadt, just click HERE. Thank you.

UPDATE: we have now sent the letter, so we cannot accept any more signatures to it – BUT you can still sign up to support our campaign for continuing EU citizenship for pro-EU Brits post-Brexit. Find out about that, and find the link to sign up HERE.

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34 thoughts on “Over 4,000 have signed Guy Verhofstadt letter so far. Why not add your name too?”

  1. I am Welsh and European, I cannot believe the UK Government are stripping us of our EU Citizenship. Brexit is so damaging and has allowed people who have racist and xenophobic views to have a voice. Please help us to stop Brexit.

  2. Please do more to support the 48%. May does not speak for the UK and she is prepared to sacrifice our futures on some sort of pagan altar called “getting our borders back”. This affects thousands of us living in Europe but we were not allowed to vote nor were 16-year old students who would grow up in these Brexit times.

  3. This debacle of Brexit does not speak for a significant percentage of the UK populace.
    It has never been constitutional for party political politics to force the majority into obeying their internal dialogue…Brexit is just not legally binding.
    If the Tories want to leave the EU…fine…but that does not mean we have all to leave because they are having a tantrum.
    That is not democracy that is dictatorship against the will of at least 48% of a referendum electorate, it is not even representative of a country.
    The UK is now in very dire straights and the ‘elected’ representatives have been caught like rabbits in the headlights seemingly given over to total insanity, worse then inadequate and are committing dereliction of their duty to the UK population…we do need help.

  4. TM is democratic and she speaks for what the people voted for. Thank you TM for for not backing down to undemocratic remoaner voters who wish to thwart the will of the people.

    1. Interesting term, Remoaner. I’m fairly certain that had the vote gone the other way by such a close margin, those who wish to leave would not have hesitated to air their views. You speak about democracy; have some respect for peoples opinions that differ from yours.

  5. I believe the 24 year gap between the signing of the Single European Act and the Brexit vote is sufficient grounds to stake a claim to an EU passport. Labour and the Tories really messed us around about it and in the meantime I lived in Kassel, Wuppertal and Cologne and had many European friends, a viable business in Germany and a European lifestyle. I speak 4 EU languages. My German is as good as my English. I passed the C2 level speaking exam with 95% with the Goethe Institute. I read widely in German, everything from European language history to eyewitness accounts of the second world war. I can read medieval German and translate it without a dictionary. I have worked as a teacher of English in the German language in Germany and work as a translator to this day. I campaigned tirelessly for Remain and was a vote checker at the count. I wish to be an EU citizen until I die. It’s me from when I lived in West Berlin when I was 2 and had a German exchange at school with our then next door neighbours to travelling to 17 European countries with my parents as a child, to living there as a single adult and going through the same process as many migrants from poorer countries do now. I took language courses with those people from all over the world. EU we heart you.

  6. I am European first and English second. Add me to that mailing list…there has to be something constructive about brexit!

  7. The first line of the letter from Theresa May was lies. To say the people agreed was not so. The people were lied to, and the young were not allowed to vote for their own future. I now fear for their narrow future. America, Russia ,China help. THANKYOU

  8. Please support our plea.

    I have lived in Denmark for the past 45 years. For sentimental reasons and because I was satisfied with and valued my required rights as an EU citizen I never seriously considered applying for Danish citizenship until last year. I applied for it in July 2016.

    Because of the 15 year rule I was one of the many who were not even allowed to vote in the referendum. This is particularly outrageous, as the Conservative party promised in the 2015 Queen’s Speech, that we would be enfranchised.

    Thank you for your sympathetic attitude.

  9. Of all the problems with Brexit, the prospect of losing my EU citizenship is the one that really hurts and angers me. It cuts to my own identity as a British citizen of Europe. I have lived and worked in two EU countries (Italy and Netherlands) and have family members (all British) who exercised their rights to live and work in France. I find it shameful that the UK government seeks to remove this from me and our younger generation. I will join the fight for us to keep our EU citizenship.

  10. I voted remain but have sympathy with those who voted to leave as they were mislead by our politicians and some of the media. With the right information I think the majority would have wanted to remain in Europe and wish that the younger generation 18 – 24 year olds had voted for their future. I believe in democracy but think that many people either did not have the vote or failed to use it. We all deserve a second chance!!!

  11. The current U.K. Government is most certainly not acting on my behalf or those of my children. This was a vote based on lies and a platform of xenophobia, and if
    Brexit goes ahead it will do irrevocable harm to our country. The current U.K. Government is not acting responsibly and not considering (or maybe they don’t care!) the long term repercussions of this move. Please do what they should be doing, and consider what is best for the U.K. as a whole, which includes EU citizens who are living and working in the U.K. Thank you.

  12. I am totally opposed to the UK leaving the EU. I can see no positives for anyone. I would like to retain my EU citizenship, losing it would break my heart.

  13. Thousands and thousands of tax-paying residents originating from EU countries other than Ireland, along with many of those under 18 at the time, were denied a vote in the referendum (although members of the House of Lords were exceptionally given a vote) and it is therefore impossible for Theresa May legitimately to claim that the democratic will of the people is now being enacted. It is the will of only some of the people and not a majority of the population.

    Be that as it may, we request a detailed consideration of a continued option for EU citizenship for UK nationals, along with the right to stay for EU nationals in whichever country of the EU they have chosen to make their legitimate home.


  14. For 44 of my 53 years, I have been part of this thing we call Europe. Now, the intolerant, the racist, the xenophobic, and quite frankly, the plain ignorant and uninformed have (erroneously, in my opinion) decided to deprive me of my right to be a European citizen. If that’s what you want to do, fine, but I’d quite like to stay as I am,thank you very much.

  15. I have lived in France for the last 20 years full-time, am happy here, want to remain here, even though all my family is in the UK (they all voted to remain!). So please keep up the good fight.

  16. This Tory Brexit government does not speak for me. I see myself as a forward looking European citizen, not a backward looking little Englander.

  17. Please add my name.
    I believe I am European first, English second. Please don’t strip me if my identity. Theresa May does not speak for me.
    Thank you.

  18. I am British, voted remain and live, as a retiree, in Spain. I want to remain an EU citizen and keep my rights to healthcare and UK state pension increases. Don’t let UK uproot us from our home and return to a climate that we left for health reasons.

  19. It is good come across other passionate Europeans, who happen to have been born in Britain. My parents experienced the war as children on opposite sides: my father in Wales, my mother in Germany. They both attributed the last 60 years of peace to the EU and wanted to remain, although only one of them was entitled to vote. My mother’s accident of birth in Luxembourg meant that she could use that nationality to come to Britain in 1949 as a British Council scholar, despite having lived in Germany from the age of 6 months and being adopted by a German couple. She clung to that part of her identity until her death last September and never became a British citizen. She didn’t need to – then. That passport granted her freedom; it might yet prevent her children from acquiring EU nationality after Brexit. We are all grieving her and our soon-to-be lost European status, as are our remaining relatives and friends of many generations (including school friends of my mother) in her German home town. So, yes, I/we would very much appreciate some other way of preserving the precious European part of my/0ur identity and the freedom it represents.

  20. No one is supporting the 16.1 million who voted remain and now feel
    Entirely Disenfranchised. We no longer have any voice, we are shouted down for being ‘undemocratic’. I do not recognise my country any longer. I cannot bear the enablement of nationalism and racism. I want my tolerant country back. I want to live by European values. Please speak for us, support us. We don’t want to leave and we want to keep our precious EU citizenship. This PM wad not elected and is not supported by many millions.
    Please help.

  21. The link no longer works, I would wholeheartedly like to add my name to the list, please fix thanks.

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